General Entry Policy

Updated Bag Policy at Hershey Centre
To maintain a safe and secure environment for our guests, athletes, participants, artists, staff, and management we have updated our Prohibited Items list and bag policy.  Effective September 22, 2017, Hershey Centre will no longer permit bags, purses, backpacks or luggage that are larger than 14″ x 14″ x 6″.  Exceptions will be made for medically declared items, after it has been inspected.

We encourage our guests to review our policies before heading to the Hershey Centre. We aim to provide the safest environment possible for guests, staff, and performers alike, the Hershey Centre retains the right to ensure that various items do not enter the building.

In this regard, Hershey Centre guests are prohibited from bringing the following items into the Hershey Centre AND will be subject to inspection for these items:

  • Coolers, bottles, cans, containers, thermos, refillable mugs
  • Bags including luggage, purses, and backpacks larger than 14″ x 14″ x 6″
  • Any electronic smoking devices, cigarettes, cigars, pipes
  • Laser pointers, firearms, fireworks, or other potentially dangerous weapons
  • Outside food and beverages: including items purchased outside the facility including bottled water, thermos, and refillable mugs/containers
  • Any illegal substances
  • Any items containing alcohol
  • (air)horns, noisemakers, whistles, banners or flags that would obstruct view (including those on poles/sticks longer than 3’), projectile objects
  • Skateboards, bicycles, wagons, wheel-shoes, etc.
  • Animals not registered as service animals
  • Photographic, video or audio recording devices: for most events the use of flash photography and professional equipment, video or audio recording is not permitted. However, small “point and shoot” cameras are generally permitted. OHL/NBA-D: video cameras are NOT permitted. Non-flash still photography is permitted, however if the lens is detachable it must not exceed 75mm. Concerts/Special events: as the camera policy for each event is different, we recommend that fans contact 905-502-9100 x2929 prior to arriving to the building to confirm the camera policy for that event.

Guests who refuse this inspection will not be admitted to the Hershey Centre and may be issued a refund.

If you are carrying a handbag, carry-all or backpack, you should know that for the safety and security of our fans and players, The Hershey Centre only allows small personal handbags or baby bags into the building. We advise you to leave your backpacks, large luggage or other bags larger than 14″ x 14″ x 6″ either at home or in your car. You should also be aware that all bags are subject to search before being allowed into The Hershey Centre.

Some events may involve pat-down searches. Pat-down searches will only be performed by qualified designated security personnel. Fans that refuse to submit to either a visual or pat-down search shall be refused entry and may not be eligible for a refund on their ticket purchase.

For safety reasons, all guests must wear shirts and shoes at all times. Guests with clothing that is sexually explicit, profane, or gang related colours will be denied admittance.

Guests are not permitted to run, skateboard, rollerblade, skate or use roller shoes on the non-playing surfaces of the facility. Standing on chairs or intentionally blocking aisles poses a safety hazard and is prohibited. Guests are not permitted to stay in vomitories, unless waiting to be seated. The same applies for stairways and aisles.

There is no re-entry to the Hershey Centre. Guests who wish to return a prohibited item to their vehicle or need to exit and re-enter due to personal emergencies must first make contact with a Guest Services Supervisor to make necessary arrangements.

Your support in adhering to these policies is much appreciated.

Thank you,